Training for the Race of Life….Day 18 (Commitment)

Commitment – Today as I ran it was around 30 degree with a fairly strong wind blowing at times directly into my face. I know as I made a few laps around the neighborhood that some of the neighbors had to be peeking out their windows saying, “there goes that crazy guy again.” And just to be honest at times today I wasn’t sure I blamed them. But as I thought about running in those conditions, I realized that crazy might apply but that committed would as well.
I am committed to running. To find a way to make it happen 5 or 6 days a week. And I’m certainly not the only one, I noticed tonight as we drove past a local running/shoe store that there were 30 or more people gathered in getting ready to go out on their weekly Thursday night 5 mile run. At 5:30, it was almost dark and it would definitely be fully dark by the time they made it back in. Commitment is a fitting word.
I am a committed runner. I’m not necessarily a fast runner, or even a good runner, just committed. To be honest from time to time I don’t run I just walk (Marathon trainer Jeff Galloway teaches people to do that). I’m certainly not a great runner but I (like many other people) am committed to it.
Am I boasting in myself? Absolutely not first off it is God who gives me the strength to run, but really in the overall scheme of things being committed to running isn’t all that important.
In fact that are a lot more commitments in life that we need to make – so the question becomes what are you committed to? Your family? I hope so. Your friends? I hope so. Your church? I pray so, but where else do your commitments lie? What are you committed to?
Jesus was asked one time about the most important commandment, which in essence was asking Him what was really important in life. And His reply was this, “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your mind, your soul, and your strength.” In other words be committed to God that is really what matters.
We are committed to a lot of things – but are we committed to the greatest one? Are you committed to Jesus? My prayer is that you are and that you follow Him and hold fast to that commitment whichever way the wind blows. Stay committed to Him and keep running with Jesus.

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