Training for the Race of Life…..Day 30 (Pain)

Training for the Race of Life……Day 30 (Pain)
For the first time since I began training a few weeks ago I am experiencing some pain. I have extremely flat feet and ever since the long run of Friday I have had some pain in my left foot. It is a re-aggravation of an injury that I suffered over a year ago playing a game of pick up basketball so I know that it is nothing serious, but it is a little painful.
I knew that it was hurting on Friday as soon as the run was over so I chose not to run over the weekend to give it a chance to heal. And it is some better today but this morning the temptation for me was to just simply not run today and give it a chance to heal. Yet for me it is almost impossible to be off my feet for any extended periods of time even if I’m not running, so I decided to run anyway. Today was just a 4 mile day so I wouldn’t be putting a tremendous amount of pressure on it and I was running on a treadmill (because it is 15 degrees outside), which is a little softer than running on the road.
I’m glad that I ran because I’m not experiencing much pain tonight at all, and just to be honest sometimes running gives me a chance to clear my head. Still as I ran I couldn’t help but think that sometimes life throws some pretty painful times at us doesn’t it. And in the midst of those times we want answers. Why is this happening to me, or why is it happening to someone I love and care about? Why are they going through those painful times. In fact last night I received a text message from a lady whose family is going through a lot and her question was basically why? She said a friend tried to give her all sorts of explanations but that it ended up hurting more than it helped.
So she indirectly asked me: Why? My answer, I don’t know and I don’t. I sometimes wish I did. Why do times of pain come, why do hard times hit us all? I don’t know but in the midst of those times I think the answer is that we need to continue to trust God, no matter what. Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.” Even in hard times trust God? Yes 100 percent. Why? Because as the children’s song says, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.” He has everything under control and we can trust Him.
Perhaps however when people that we love are going through painful times we are ask the wrong question. Instead of saying “why?”, maybe we need to say, “what”? As in “what can I do to help them as they are hurting?” It can be a scary prayer to pray and frightening question to ask because the answer might just take us out of our comfort zones (see yesterday’s bog). And yet when God directs us out of our comfort zones He will work in a great way.
So what can we do? The greatest thing we can do is pray. Pray for those who are hurting, who are sick, who are struggling, who are wondering, who are lost. Pray for God’s will to be done in their lives. Pray for comfort ,for healing, for strength, for salvation (if they are lost). But pray! Because the Bible says, “the prayers of a righteous person avail much”. In other words God hears our prayers and He answers them.
So keep running, and keep walking with Jesus even in the pain.


2 thoughts on “Training for the Race of Life…..Day 30 (Pain)

  1. thankyou for your words today. Four years ago today was a huge turning point in my life, one where i was asking God “why”. And i even turned my back on God for a time. I am sorry now that i did that, i know now that he was trying to make me stronger. I have come out of the situation a stronger person, but at the same time, i still am very insecure with a lot of situations. That is one reasons i run, i talk to God when i run, we really do get alot discussed during those runs. I still don’t know the reason i had to go through what i did and might never know, but one thing i did learn was to lean on God, He never did give me more than i could handle. Today is a day of celebration for me, i have to trust that God will give me many more years to celebrate!!!
    Try crosstraining for a few days, maybe eliptical or bike???

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