Training for the Race of Life…..Day 32 (Disappointment)

Today was somewhat of a disappointing day for me because I wasn’t able to run at all. 2 things prevented me from it, the ice outside and the pain in my left heel/ankle. I injured it several months ago playing basketball and it still flares up on me from time to time (maybe when the weather is cold) and then I also have plantar facisities in that foot as well. So in all reality it was probably good that I didn’t run on it today to give it a chance to heal (or should I say heel).
And yet if I am supposed to run on a certain day I am somewhat disappointed if I don’t get to. But even in the midst of that disappointment I was reminded, “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.” And of course the Bible reassures us that the “Lord’s mercies are new every morning.” So even when I don’t get a chance to run I should still rejoice and be thankful.
And in reality that is a pretty good lesson for life isn’t it? We ought to rejoice everyday because simply put God has given us another day and because He loves us (so much more than we could ever imagine). In fact we ought to live joyfully everyday. In just a few days we will be celebrating Christmas and as the angels announced the birth of Jesus, they did so with these words, “behold I bring you good tidings of great JOY”.
So run (or don’t run) joyfully. Live everyday with great joy.


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