Training for the Race of Life……Days 41 and 42 (An essential Christmas)

Training for the Race of Life…..Days 41 and 42 (Christmas)
It’s hard to believe that as I write these words another Christmas has come and gone. I took Christmas and the day after Christmas off from running, but was still very much reminded of my goal of running a marathon in April 2011 by many of the gifts that I received.
I got several presents that had to do with running. 2 pairs of new running shoes, hats, gloves, compression pants and shirts, and even a massage stick for after I run to help loosen my muscles back up. I love to run and was extremely grateful for all of this “essential gear” to help me on my journey. It truly was a wonderful Christmas.
And it led me to a question, what do you consider essential gear? What is essential for you to have when you run (I’d love to hear the answers). But even more than that, what do you consider “essential” on this journey of life? At Christmas we get a lot of gifts that we use immediately and we get some that we never use. Life is like that as well isn’t it? What is essential in your life and what do you really not need? What do you consider essential?
We have a lot of things in life don’t we? But what is essential, a must have? Is it our jobs? Our friends? Our families? Our stuff? Our ………(you fill in the blank). We have a lot of things, many however aren’t essential. Stuff certainly isn’t essential, material things certainly aren’t essential, regardless of what the commercials tell you. So what is really essential?
Certainly I believe the relationships that I have in my life are essential. Even more than that I say that they are a gift from God because as the Bible reminds us, “every good and perfect gift that we have in our lives” is a gift from God. I love the people that God has blessed my life with. Those relationships are good, they are essential.
But did you notice that the Bible says, “every good and PERFECT gift”. As much as I love the people in my life none of them are perfect (I’m certainly not). Only one perfect person has ever lived and His name is Jesus. He is perfect and our relationship with Him is essential. Essential for forgiveness, for love, for salvation, for hope, for peace, for joy. He is essential.
We get a lot of presents at Christmas. Some are really good, but only one is essential. The one given that first Christmas night that caused the Shepherds to go away in amazement, that caused Mary to break into a song of joy, that caused the angels to praise God, that caused John the Baptist to leap in His mother’s womb, that caused the wise men to travel thousands of miles just to see Him. He is the only perfect present and He is essential.
As you travel this journey that we call life, it is my prayer that you have Him with you. That you know Him as your Lord and as your Savior. For He really is essential. Keep walking with Jesus everyday in faith.


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