Training for the Race of Life…..Days 77 and 78 (Prayer)

Training for the Race of Life….Days 77 and 78
Yesterday was a very busy, yet wonderful Sunday filled up with Bible study, fellowship, and meetings. It was good to focus on God and be reminded of His faithfulness for sure. He is faithful during the hills and the valleys of life, and He is faithful on the flat lands as well, and I’m thankful for that. Yesterday was also a day to allow the blister on my foot to heal so I could get back at the running this week.
I nursed my foot quite a bit and put a product named “New Skin” on it and today (Monday) I can’t believe how good it feels. I figured yesterday that I would probably have to use the elliptical machine today to run on, but because of the quick healing in my foot, I was able to head out the door and get in almost 5 miles through my neighborhood.
As I was finishing up, one of my neighbors came up to me and we walked and talked about the faithfulness of God (and several other things as well). As we ended our walk our conversation turned to prayer. And as I think about that even now isn’t it good to know that God always hears our prayers and that He is always working in our best interests. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
At the first church I served one of the elderly men of the church said, “sometimes we say all we can do is pray, as if that is a bad thing. Perhaps we need to say the best thing we can do in any situation is pray.” And I’ll have to say I agree with him wholeheartedly. God is faithful and He always hears our prayers, I have seen that so many times in my own life, or in the life of my family and friends, or in the lives of the people in the churches where I’ve served.
So in any situation the most important thing we can do is pray. Pray for guidance, pray for direction, pray for grace, pray for strength, pray….pray….pray. I’m reminded of a song, “are you weary, are you heavy hearted….tell it to Jesus, tell it to Jesus…..tell it to Jesus alone.” What a privilege we have to be able to go to Him and to pray. And yet many times we don’t, and when we don’t we are the ones who miss out. God beckons us, “cast all your cares on Me….”, “come boldly before His throne of grace….” Its time that we slow down enough to do just that.
So keep running with Jesus but don’t run so fast that you can’t talk to Him while you run.

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