Training for the Race of Life……Days 90 and 91

Training for the Race of Life……Days 90 and 91 (A Common Goal)
Yesterday morning (Saturday, February 12) we had the monthly community breakfast at our church and were able to serve over 200 people eggs, sausage, bacon, gravy, sweet rolls, coffee, orange juice, and fruit. Wonderfully tasting but not exactly good food to fuel a run. Which is ok because sometimes we need something different. I was still trying to recover from my Thursday night mistake so I didn’t get any real long or hard running in today but I was able to log a few miles and a few miles walking.
I was extremely tired this morning but still enjoyed breakfast immensely, there is something special about seeing God’s people come together and work and serve. Just about every one of the 200 people who ate today left with a smile on their face. Why was that possible? Because we worked together and completed the task at hand (which in this case was cooking and serving, and then cleaning up after breakfast).
Every month that I work it reminds me that great things can happen when God’s people serve together. Could one person have done it all? No way. Could 5 or 6? Possibly, but it would have been difficult. We probably had 20 or more people working together to accomplish the task, and because of that it was completed.
Every day we have a calling from God on our lives and that is to use our gifts, talents and abilities to serve Him and to serve other people. When we do that great things happen and when we do that together within the church amazing things can happen. Why? Because God Himself is working through us. In fact the Bible says that “we are His co-laborers”. We work together with Him and through His strength and His grace to make a difference.
Today we focused on that at church, God’s call to us to serve and to serve together. I’m told that in a marathon people actually find it easier to run because they are running with people around them. A group of people moving toward the same goal, empowered by the common goal and empowered by one another. That should be a picture of us as Christians, moving together (serving) toward a common goal (glorifying God), and as we do that we draw strength from one another and we draw strength from God.
So keep running and keep serving, and keep doing it together.


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