Training for the Race of LIfe……Day 93 (Surprise)

Training for the Race of Life…….Day 93 (Surprise)
Another beautiful February Day which considering the winter we have had is almost unbelievable. Surprising to say the least, but that is how God is, He does things that are unbelievable, things that in fact are impossible humanly speaking. But as the Bible says, “He is the Lord is anything to hard for Him?” He does unbelievable things and surprising things. Today was one of those beautiful, unbelievable, surprising days. And it was a day that I ran close to home, in my neighborhood. I have a route marked off that is a little over a half mile through the neighborhood and at just about every point I can see my home, which is nice.
I love my home, my neighborhood, the place where we live, and its nice to run through the neighborhood with all of its familiarity. In fact as I run and look at the place where I am, I have to admit that even this house, this home was surprising to me. We bought it a little over 3 years ago, at a time when I wasn’t planning on buying a house, in fact I wasn’t planning on making a move but God surprised us. And He does that from time to time. He loves to surprise us.
As a dad, I love to surprise my kids, whether its with a new toy, a new game, a special trip, or just going to a new place. Surprises can be fun. And God surprises can be as well. As I ran 7 miles or so around my neighborhood today I was thankful for God’s surprises. God is good all the time and all the time God is good, so keep running with Jesus. Keep trusting Him and enjoy the surprises

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