Holy, Holy, Holy!

Major Beliefs Day 19 – ” Holy, Holy, Holy”
Revelation 4:8 “And the four living Creatures, each of them with six wings are full of eyes all around and within, and day and night they never cease to say “Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God almighty,who was and is and , is to come.”

We use a lot of descriptive terms or adjectives in our conversations today.  That cake was amazing. We had a wonderful Vacation Bible School. We had a great  worship service Sunday. We might even say that was a powerful storm or its been a beautiful day.  We probably don’t describe a lot of things as holy though. Yet that word is used numerous times to describe God in His word, the Bible. He is holy.
But not just holy, He is holy three times. The Biblical writers many times would repeat something for emphasis, but here the writer repeats it three times emphasizing the holiness of God, and affirming to us that He is infinitely Holy.  He is 100% perfect, righteous, without spot or blemish, He is not of this world. He is as one theologian put it the” uncaused Cause.” He is amazing.
Notice however that it isn’t just John, the writer of Revelation who is proclaiming God’s infinite holiness. John is only writing what he sees. He is privileged to get a glimpse of a heavenly wOrShip service and what he sees are these majestic powerful creatures praising God and declaring His infinite holiness.
What does it mean to us that God is holy? It means that for us to be able to stand in His presence we must be holy too.  The problem with that we can’t be. We all are sinners which means we can’t be holy.  At least not on our own.  It is a hopeless condition and yet the writer of Hebrews gives us hope when he says though the blood of Christ, “God takes away all our sins and remembers them no more.”  That is the power of the blood of Christ. Through His blood we are forgiven, our sins are taken away and we are declared to be holy.  No wonder Charles Spurgeon proclaimed that “the blood of Jesus was mightier than, even the hammer of Thor.”  His blood accomplishes life,hope, joy and forgiveness for us. His blood is so powerful it makes us able to stand before an infinitely holy God, where one day we will gather around His throne and proclaim His holiness as well,

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