Major Beliefs Day 25 Gifted!

Major Beliefs Day 25 -You are Gifted (1 Corinthians 12:7)

l Corinthians 12.7 – “To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the Common good.”

Paul makes a beautiful declaration in the book of 1Corinthians,  we all as followers of Jesus are given spiritual gifts. The Holy Spirit gives each of us gifts.  It’s a humbling thought, we are given gifts, talents, and abilities.  Jesus takes it a step further and tells us that He has good works prepared in advance for us to do,”  IN other words when God was forming and fashioning us together He was doing so with a purpose. He had something (good works) for us to do.  And now through the Holy Spirit He gives us the gifts to fulfill that purpose. 
God is faithful, He Calls us to a purpose and He gives us the abilities and the gifts to fulfill that purpose.  It is a purpose that varies from individual to individual but part of the purpose is
      * to glorify God
      * to tell others about Jesus
      * to build the church up (as Paul says for the common good.)
In other words you are a piece of the puzzle.  You are part of God’s plan to introduce people to Jesus and to build up the church.  You are called to ministry.  What a responsibility but also what a privilege.  You are God’s ambassador to the world.  It’s a high calling but He has given You the gifts to fulfill the calling.  You are also called to build up the church, which means you are an indespensible part.  It’s a high calling but thankfully once again God in His faithfulness has given you the ability to fulfill it.  All for His glory!


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