Major Beliefs Day 43 Psalm 14 Independence Day

Major Beliefs Day 43 – Independence Day (Psalm 14)

Psalm 14:3-“They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good,  not even one.”

Today is July 4th the day that we celebrate our Country’s independence. We are a free Nation which means that we have freedom of the press, freedom of worship and many other freedoms to celebrate.   I’m certainly very thankful for those freedoms and for all of those who have done so much to make our country free and to preserve the freedom that we have. I’m also supremely thankful to God for giving us the blessing and the freedom of living in this wonderful country.
We are a free nation. But the question must be asked are we a free people?  Are we free or are we bound? The Bible gives us a very plain answer as it tells us that without Jesus we are slaves to sin  It enslaves us from the very moment of  our birth because we have an inherited sin nature.  I learned a lot of things from my parents but they didn’t have to teach me how to sin, it came naturally to me. In fact sin has enslaved me almost from day one. As one person put it ” we are robots to sin.” In other words we can’t keep from it.  The psalmist makes that abundantly clear doesn’t he ?  Paul says the exact same thing in the book of Romans, as does Jesus when He tells us that “our hearts are evil.”  We are slaves to sin.  Thats not a popular thought but its true nonetheless.  Its true unless Jesus sets us free.  Once we are set free by the blood of Christ, the power of God  the Father, and the working of the Holy Spirit, we will still sin, bu we will no longer be enslaved to sin.  Instead we are in the process of being changed, of being sanctified.   As Paul says, the old has passed away, behold all things have become new.”  We are in the process of transformation  We were in jail but now we have been broken out.  We are free, free by the Amazing grace of God and through that grace our  chains are gone.
Hallelujah we can truly be free.  Free in this Country , yes! But even more importantly free from the chains of sin.  Free to be all we can be in Christ. And we should celebrate that freedom more than just one day a year we ought to celebrate it everyday as we walk with God.  Living each for Him. To God be the glory!


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