Major Beliefs Day 44 – American Idols

Major Beliefs Day 45 – American Idols (Isaiah 44)

Isaiah 44: 9 -” All who fashion idols are nothing, and the things that they delight in do not profit.”

What do you think of when you hear the word “idol”?  For most people the answer is simple a golden calf or a little statue that you might see on one of the Indiana Jones movies.  And to be sure these things are idols but in reality an idol can be much more than that.  I believe it was John Calvin who said,” our hearts are idol factories.”  And the really are.  What is an idol? It is anything that you put before God or use as a substitute for the true and living God.  And Calvin was night our hearts are certainly good at creating them.
We don’t make idols today of wood, or stone, or metal (at least most people don’t).  But still our idol factories are open.  We make them out of our jobs, our bank accounts, our homes, and sadly even our children and their accomplishments. We fashion them out of our appearance, or our popularity, or our social standing.  We might even make an idol out of our hobbies, our education, or even our church.  We are so good at making them we can even make them out of our own good works if they keep us from Jesus.   As Charles Spurgeon said “our good works can be lethal (if they keep us from believing we need a Svior).”  Our hearts really are idol factories, and  sometimes we find ourselves working overtime,
The 10 Commandments quickly warn us about idotaly.  The first Commandment says” You shall have no other gods before me.” And the second one -is somewhat like it,” You shall not make for yourself a carved image and bow down to it.”  In other words don’t make any idols.  These 2 commandments are listed first because they are of supreme importance, but I also believe they are  listed first because we so quickly fall into the trap of idolatry. Again our hearts are idol factories and we are good at making them.  Isaiah warns us that it is folly to do so and he tells us that idolatry leads to nothingness.   In other words to have substitute gods and to place things above God leads us to emptiness and to nothingness.  In short the heinous sin of idolatry leads us  to waste our lives.  Why? Because we weren’t created for idols, we were created for Jesus.  Only He can forgive our idolatry and He is the cure for that idolatry.  To God be the glory!


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