Seeing Jesus in Psalm 8 – Over All and Concerned About You

Psalm 8:4 – “What is man that You are mindful of him, the son of man that You care for him.”

What color is George Washington’s white horse? The answer is obvious isn’t it? But of course sometimes we miss the obvious.  It is obvious from just a glance at Psalm 8 that it is a Messianic psalm. It is obviously a passage about Jesus, the Messiah.
Verse 6 says, ” You have placed all things under His feet,” and surely that must refer to Jesus, the one that Paul says “through Him and for Him all things were created and He is before all things and in Him all things hold together.  Jesus is what David writes about in this joyous psalm. 
In fact Jesus used this very psalm to contradict those that opposed him in Matthew’s Gospel and the writer of Hebrews uses it to describe Jesus in Hebrews 2.  It is a song of joy and even beyond that it is a Messianic psalm of joy.  Some things are just obvious.
And the message of this psalm certainly is as well.  It is a psalm of the Messiah and the reason that David is so joyous when he writes it has to be verse 4, “what is man that You are mindful of him?”  The question, God you are so high and lofty why would you care about us? But the implication, the joyously rich implication is that the God of this universe really does care about us.
In fact He cares so much about us that He sent Jesus, His one and only son to open the way of salvation to us.  Jesus who is the son of man (it was one of His favorite titles for Himself) is also the son of God sent to this earth to redeem fallen humanity.  Remember what He said, “the son of man has come to seek and save that which was lost.”  He is mindful of us so He sent us Jesus the one whom He cares for and through Jesus He cares for us as well.  We go from being enemies of God to being able to cry out “Abba Father” because of what Jesus has done for us. 
In fact the Hebrew word that is translated “to care for” in most of our English translations also means to “visit”.  God cared so much about us that He visited us in Jesus the Son of man.  Yes He is Lord of all and as Thomas Goodwin pointed out in the 1600s He is the only one who can be described as having all thibgs under His feet, yet He is still concerned about us.
Concerned about those things that we go through on a daily basis.  Yes 100%, but most of all concerned about our sins and our failures.  Concerned that we are lost and on the highway to hell.  So concerned in fact that He made THE way for us to get off possible, and that way is provided through His own blood.
He is over all but still lovingly concerned about us.  To God be the glory.


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