Seeing Jesus in Psalm 10 – Hearing What’s Important

Psalm 10:17  -O Lord , you hear the desire of the afflicted; you will strengthen their heart; you will incline your ear

We live in a fast paced busy world.  We have to do this, do that, be here, be there,……..Technology was supposed to make life easier and just a couple of generations ago the prediction was that their would only be a 4 day work week with people working on average 28 hours a week.  That certainly hasn’t come to fruition but even if it did I suspect we would find new responsibilities and commitments and we would remain just as busy.  There’s nothing wrong with being busy per se after all “an idol mind is the devil’s playground”, the problem is that sometimes in our busyness we overlook or forget what is important. 
Many people doubt this statement but life was busy in the year 30 A.D. when Jesus walked the earth.  And Jesus Himself was extremely busy.  People were following Him, wanting to learn from Him, wanting to be touched by Him, wanting to touch Him, wanting Him to do something for them.  He was so busy that the Bible tells us that to have anytime alone He had to get up very early and basically sneak off by Himself just to be able to pray.  He was that busy.
And it was in the midst of that busyness when He was teaching along the Jordan river that some people (presumably women) brought their children to Jesus.  The disciples were outraged, Jesus was too busy for this.  He doesn’t have time for children (they were considered property at that time).  He has better things to do. So they did what they thought they should do, they protected Jesus by turning the little children away.  Jesus however in His grace stepped in and stopped the disciples and He said those words that have become widely known, “let the little children come to Me for to such belongs the Kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14)
The disciples got a lesson that day.  An object lesson right before their eyes, the Kingdom of God isn’t for those who have it all figured out.  It isn’t for those society (or religious society) deems good enough.  It isn’t for the powerful and the self-sufficient.  It isn’t for those who think they deserve it.  Those children show that.  Jesus was telling His disciples the Kingdom of God (salvation) is for the dependent, the weak,  the helpless, the innocent.  It is for those children and for those who are childlike.
If the disciples didn’t understand it then Jesus further reinforced it by His very next teaching, the story of the rich young ruler.  He thought he had it all figured out.  He was self dependent and probably would have thought that he deserved the kingdom.  Society would have said so and the religious leaders of the day would have as well.  And yet the Kingdom wasn’t for him, he thought that he had earned it and so he had no need for God’s grace.  Because of that sadly enough he missed out.
The little children however didn’t.  They were dependent and did nothing to deserve the grace of God and yet when Jesus blessed them He bestowed it upon them. The Kingdom is for those who depend on the grace of God.  Psalm 10:17 showed us that long ago didn’t it? “You hear the cry of the afflicted, You strengthen their heart.”  That is exactly what Jesus did on the day when He said, “let the little children come to Me for such is the Kingdom of God.”
He took tine in His busyness to care for what was important, those little children and certainly He stands as an example to us.  We to should never be too busy to concentrate and care about those things that really matter.  But even more than that Jesus shows us what is of ultimate importance, depending on Him, receiving His grace and being apart of His kingdom.  To God be the glory!


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