Lego Truth

Jude 3 – “Contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints ”

Christmas 2013 and the have to have item for my 8 year old son is a Lego playset. So on Christmas Day it arrived and we began the task of putting it together.  For the first few days it was fun, then it became fascinating as we watched the enormous playset begin to take shape.  Right after that however it became frustrating as the building wasnt going as quickly as we hoped.
Then disaster struck.  A piece, a pivotal must have piece had gone missing. I stared at the Lego pile for what seemed like hours and it just wasn’t there.  I separated them out and sifted through them but to no avail. 
Fortunately my son has other Lego sets,  many of which have ended up in containers broken a part. “Surely there is a piece just like the missing one somewhere in one of those containers,” I thought to myself. 
I dug and I sifted.  I rummaged and I sorted.  I pushed through legos and I poured them from one container to another. It just wasn’t there. 
Finally I called off the search party. It was just gone and a replacement was nowhere to be found.  I would have to call Lego and see if they would send me another one. Building would have to stop and the frustration would grow.  I came back to the table where we had been working and dejectedly sat down and there it was.  Somehow the Lego was there. My sons said they didn’t find it but somehow there it was.  Either the cat had hidden it and brought it back out as a terrible joke or I had just simply overlooked it, 77 times.  I’m blaming the cat but in reality I just overlooked it.
I have a habit of overlooking things. In fact,  it is easy to do.  Sometimes we even do it in regards to the Bible. We dig and we push, we pull and we rummage,  we twist and we sort, all the while trying to find some amazing new revelation when truth has been right there before us all along.  And it is that truth that we need.  Old truths that show us the power and majesty of God.  True statements that reveal His holiness to us and show us that we are sinners in need of grace.  Truths that show us the love of God and His faithfulness. Truths that show us how to be forgiven and that once we are we are made righteous in the eyes of God. Truths that remind us of the return of Christ and of the promises of God.
One day my sons will grow tired of legos. We however never grow out of our need for Gods grace and His truth. His truth transforms us and builds us up so that we can bring Him glory .

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