John 7:38 – “Whoever believes in me as the Scripture says ‘out of his heart will flow streams of living water’.”

A few days ago I treated myself with some whole bean coffee from the African mountains. It was shade grown at an elevation between 5000-7500 feet. l hurried home and opened the bag. The smell was absolutely amazing. In fact it smelled better than any coffee I had ever smelled,  It was an olfactory paradise. My wife who doesn’t drink Coffee smelled it and almost decided to have a cup.  It smelled that good.

l threw some in the bean grinder, turned on my espresso machine and readied myself for the greatest Cup I had ever had.   Unfortunately that not what happened.  It came out rich and robust and it even had a nice crema (white, frothy substance at the top of a well made Cup of espresso)on top.  I couldn’t wait,  I was at the Apex of the coffee mountain.  I quickly drank it and found pure disappointment.   It was good,  it was flavorful,  it was robust,  but it wasn’t that good.  Looked good,  smelled good but once I dived in it wasn’t that good.  

I tried a second Cup only to experience the exact same thing but by the time I hit the bottom of the second Cup I had a realization: Sometimes our lives are a whole lot like that Cup of espresso, they look good on the outside and they might even put off a pleasant aroma.  In fact we may dress them up and make people think our lives are amazing, yet they really aren’t what they seem.   In fact inside they are empty,  disappointing and missing something.

Sin has entered in,  idolatry had a foothold and we may look OK but I reality we are a mess.  We may not even realize it.  We may have most people fooled, we may even fool ourselves but in reality we aren’t all we are cracked up to be.   Is there a solution? Thankfully yes and the solution is Jesus.  It is admitting that we have a problem, it is repenting.   It is trusting Him.  When we do that He begins the process of transformation and change.  He remakes us, transforming us into what we were created to be.  We won’t get there in this life, but  He will continually move us forward and we have His promise,  “that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. ”

John Owens said “our sins are like an iceberg, we only see about 10% of them.   The rest are below the surface. ”  They are what holds us back,  they are what leads to disappointment.   They are why we don’t measure up.  Yet the good news is this they are not beyond the grace of God.  His grace covers all our sins (even the hidden ones we don’t know about).  Our lives may disappoint,  or sins may be great and hidden and vast, yet His grace is greater than our sins.   And His grace redeems and restores when we repent and put our faith in Him.  To God be the glory!


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