Luke 10:42 – “Few things are needed—or indeed only one.  Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

“Nothing lasts except the grace of God by which I stand……” sang Keith Green very powerfully over 34 years ago.  And even though it’s an older song it still rings out with truth.  For truth is lasting, why? Because truth comes from the grace of God and truly nothing does last except God’s grace.

The Bible makes it abundantly clear,  “the grass withers, the flowers fade but the word of God stands forever.”  How? Because the word of God comes from the grace of God.  Why do we have God’s word, the Bible? Because God in His grace wants us to know Him and His ways.  He reveals to us how to live because He loves us.

Nothing Lasts EXCEPT the grace of God. That is a hard realization but a realization that brings freedom.  How many things do we worry about in life? Think about all of the sleepless nights, the anxiousness, the feelings of desperation.  Now think about how many of those things will last forever?
I’m just guessing but I’m sure the answer is not many.  After all nothing lasts except the grace of God.

God’s word lasts forever because it comes through God’s grace. God’s kingdom will last forever again because it comes from Gods grace.  God in His grace created us, which means that we will last forever.  Where we spend that forever depends on what we do with the grace of God.  If we repent of our sins and place our faith in Jesus and His grace then we have the gift of salvation, and this gift lasts forever.

Nothing Lasts except the grace of God, so why do we worry and concern ourselves with other things? Things that don’t matter.  In fact we spend more time worrying about things that don’t matter than we do things that do matter.

Nothing lasts except the grace of God.  It was a message that Jesus certainly lived and one that He conveyed.  In His conversation with Mary and Martha He said, “Martha, Martha why do you worry about many things?” In other words why are you so concerned about things that don’t matter? “Your sister has chosen the most excellent way,” Jesus then said to Martha.  What was that way? It was sitting at the feet of Jesus and experiencing the grace of God.  That is the most excellent way.

We may worry about life being perfect, about having a spotless house, about having more money in our bank accounts.  We may worry about having children who are happy all the time or who are better behaved.  Yet in the overall scheme of things these things really aren’t that important.   Jesus says, “seek first the grace of God.”  In other words concentrate on what is important,  again remember the grace of God.  For that grace is truth and that truth will set you free.

Free from a life of worry, free from a life of perfectionism,  free from trying to always measure up. Free from what happens if everything doesn’t always go as planned (because trust me it won’t).  Jesus sets us free and that is the grace of God.


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