What Are You Thinking About?

Romans 8:6 – ” to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”

Flu epidemic……Our area number 1 in the country for sickness……will the schools start back………..will their be a financial crash in 2015? ………..What about Isis?……..Where did all the Ebola talk go……..Politics………..Does this company or that company have a hidden agenda?…….What about whatever else the news wants to sensationalize?

I’m not saying the flu isn’t bad.  I always thought being number 1 would be great but this certainly isn’t.   Ebola is horrific.  Politicians seem to have a self service agenda and all of that.  Many, if not all of those things are true.  The problem isn’t that they aren’t true, the problem is that they get us worried and concerned and beyond that they get our minds off of Jesus.

The book of Romans says that the mind set on spiritual things is “life and peace” (Romans 8:6), and yet when we dwell on those things our minds certainly aren’t set on spiritual things.  Our eyes aren’t fixed on Jesus as the writer of Hebrews says but instead we are staring fearfully at the world.  And so we have no peace and in reality we are missing out on life.

I can lay awake and worry about the flu, or Ebola, or finances, or Isis,  or whatever.  You insert your worry here____________.  Or I can fix my eyes on Jesus and know that our Sovereign God has all things under control.  I can set my mind on spiritual things and enjoy the life and peace that God gives to me, or I can pay attention to the sensationalism of the news and the negativity of social media.

I don’t know about you but since we only get one life I think I’m going to redeem the time and make the most out of life by finding satisfaction in Him and living to glorify Him.   Not in my own strength because I am a wretch but by His grace and for His glory.


Seeing the Wind

Matthew 14:30 – “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me.'”

Peter saw the wind.  That is an amazing statement isn’t it? He saw the wind, and he began to sink.  He had went from walking on the water, to doing whatever everybody does when they try to walk on water, he began to sink.  What happened before that was significant, in order for Peter to see the wind, he had to be looking.  And if he was looking for the wind he had his eyes off of Jesus. 

The Bible tells us that if we “behold the glory of Jesus” that we will be changed.  It tells us in John 1:14 that Jesus is “full of grace and truth.”  So when we behold His glory and His grace and His truth we are changed.  Transformed, able to walk on water.  Yet for that to continue we have to keep our eyes on Jesus.  The heaven’s declare the glory of God, and we are to do everything for the glory of God, we are to behold His glory, and even pursue His glory.  We are to keep our eyes on Jesus, who is the glory of God.

But the wind blows doesn’t it? When I am running and the wind starts blowing hard, I instinctively close my eyes.  I take my eyes off of what I’m looking at, and to an extent I see the wind (at least I feel it).  Life is the same way, when we see the wind, or when we feel the wind we quickly close our eyes, and we no longer see what we are looking at.  We, just like Peter take our eyes off Jesus.  So the challenge becomes how can we keep our eyes on Jesus.  The wind will blow this year.  The storms will come in 2015.  Challenges, problems, difficulties, sickness, loss it will come.  Just like it always does.  So how can we keep our eyes on Jesus and off the wind?

Peter was strolling along well until he saw the wind, then he began to sink.  How can we not sink this year?  How can we keep our eyes on Jesus and off of the wind? It starts with a dedication to behold Him.  To shut out the world and truly behold Jesus.  To take time with Him each day.  To make worship a priority.  To spend time in His word and in prayer.  To faithfully serve Him because as we do, we are seeing Him working through us, and we behold His glory.  To dedicate ourselves to walking in HIs holiness, not as a way to earn salvation, but because we realize we have been given the gift of salvation.  When we do those things we are beholding the glory of God, and keeping our eyes off of the wind. 

Lets not see the wind in 2015, even if it blows.  Lets keep our eyes on Jesus and lets behold His glory.  To God be the glory!