Loving Others in an Unloving World

‚Äč”We shall find our hearts enlarged in charity (love) toward men, by considering the relation wherein they stand unto God, and the impresses of his image which are stamped upon them. They are not only his creatures, the workmanship of his hands, but such of whom he taketh special care, and for whom he hath a very dear and tender regard, having laid the designs of their happiness before the foundations of the world, and being willing to live and converse with them in all the ages of eternity. The meanest and most contemptible person whom we behold is the offspring of heaven, one of the children of the Most High; and however unworthy he might behave himself of that relation, so long as God hath not abdicated and disowned him by a final sentence, he will have us to acknowledge him as one of him, and as such to embrace him with a sincere and cordial affection. ”

-Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the Soul of Man 1677.
The quote is a little lengthy and the some of the words we don’t use a lot anymore but the message is as life changing today as it was then:  LOVE other people and remember that they are the WORKMANSHIP of God.  Even the “meanest and most contemptible” (think sinful) are loved by Him and everyday He extends us all common grace, meaning He allows the sun to shine on us all and gives us all life.  So if we are going to be like Christ we are going to have to show love and grace to people as well.  
Who can you love today with the love of God, through the grace of God? Maybe there’s someone you need to forgive?  Someone you need to encourage? Someone you need to pray for or pray with?  If so do it quickly,  do it earnestly,  do it sincerely but most of all do it for the glory of God.